4 Ways that Bad Web Design Can Kill Your Business

Advertisement is one of the biggest keys to making your business standout and get attention. In this day and age, advertisement and information have moved dominantly to the internet. Website design is the making or breaking point of a business. Here are a few reasons why bad web design vancouver can hurt your business and marketing.

Too Many Visuals

Most people want very simple and elegant styles. Things that are too flashy or extreme will drive customers away from your website so fast it will make your head spin. Some things to avoid include automatic flash animation or music, as well as too many bright gaudy graphics. At the same time, design that is too dull, uses neutral colors and has tiny hard-to-read lettering is also a no go.

Too Much or Wrong Information

Going back to the above mentioned, audiences love simplicity. You want to convey your information in as few words as possible, making it with big and easily read text, so your reader is not scrambling for information. Another breaker for this kind of site is a lack of information. If your customers cannot find your hours, prices or contact information, they will most likely not bother coming back to fight with your site.

Confusing Site Navigation

Your site must be very clear and easy to navigate. Separate all of your information by links on a sidebar or top bar, and organize it in a way that makes sense. Title things appropriately, and put the right amount of information onto the site—bullet points work magic for situations like this. You should test your site navigation with both someone pretty young and also someone middle-aged or older, to make sure it is simple and easy enough to find your way around.

Not Being up to Date

A huge pitfall of internet design is forgetting to update your information. If you are having a sale that you advertise on your site, be sure to remove the info from the homepage as soon as the sale is over. Likewise, if your contact or other information changes it is imperative that you change it on the site ASAP. At the same time, it is also important to have a site that is appealing to the modern crowd, utilizing effects and information style that is what is popular.

It is clear that bad web design vancouver can greatly hinder your business ventures. If you do not have clear-cut, relevant information, your business and popularity can easily slide off of the grid—and not in a good way. If you have a business and a website, consider these tricks to help improve your web design and make your business the most appealing it can be. Visit http://evolvedesign.ca/graphic-design/ today or contact them directly at

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